What genres do you play?

I only mix drum and bass and half time but I've mucked around with dubstep and trap just for fun.

How did you get into drum and bass?

I got into drum and bass in my youth, My cousin bought round a pendulum CD one day and I was sold, we invested in a set of vinyl decks shortly after so I've been DJing for roughly 10yrs. I have a huge love for rap and hip hop so when I got into production I focused on hip hop but when I returned to christchurch in 2019 it resparked my love for DNB. So hip hop is something I try to incorporate into my DNB production as often as possible.

What are your favourite places to play at?

I've only performed in front of large crowds on 2 occasions which were sort of underground events, I'd say my fave place to perform is at a home environment with my friends around so we can share ideas and try out new blends and just vibe out, I prefer the more personal side of the music scene.

Do you have a day job?

At the moment I'm currently not working as I'm a solo parent so I spend alot of time at home.

What software do you use to produce tracks? How long does it take?

Any free time I have is spent in Fruity Loops. I can produce a tune from anywhere between 3 hours to 2 days but I feel the better tunes are the quick ones that just flow without too much thinking involved, I pretty much just post my tunes as soon as they're finished and I'm happy with them unless I made the tune for a specific project but I enjoy working at my own pace, I hope to start my own label one day.

What inspires you?

I'm very inspired by rap, reggae and rap music but I'm inspired by everything around me. To be honest for inspiration I smoke a ton and listen to other genres.

Do you have any international fans?

Recently I've been gaining alot of fans in the UK thanks to my new connections and kojiki records, I've always wanted to play at Outlook Festival, A rave in a castle just sounds insane and the isolation would feel just like home.

SoundCloud URL: https://soundcloud.com/yetti-music-nz

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